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About Labor Services

If you’re looking for a live sound technician you can trust, look no further than our head engineer and founder, Joel Gimbel.

With years of experience in sound engineering for theater, concerts, business conferences, and everything in between; he has learned to work with a variety of clients to develop the sound they’re looking for. Through ongoing referrals from IATSE Local 16 in SF, he has worked in outdoor spaces, indoor venues, large amphitheaters, and small venues – giving him the ability to create great sound just about anywhere. 

Depending on the size of your event, you may need additional help. Gimbel Sound works with a small group of trustworthy professionals who are contracted based on their talent for audio work. If you’re in need of additional support, let us know! 

If you are an employer or your event falls in the jurisdiction of IATSE, please request Joel Gimbel at the Local 16 union hall at (415) 441-6400.