While Gimbel Sound is recent in its creation, its founder, Joel Gimbel, has been working in studios and venues around the Bay Area for over a decade. Joel has spent his whole life around musicians, attending musical events across many genres, and participating in various musical projects in his adult life.

In playing music at local venues and beginning his recording work almost a decade ago, he quickly realized his passion for audio engineering and the world of the arts. After eight years in management at a local video store, Joel took his interest in audio & gear collection to the next level and enrolled in the Music Recording Technology program at Chabot College in Hayward.

It was there that he found his first professional work experience as a live sound technician for concerts in their Performing Arts Center, engineering the jazz department’s bands, sound designing plays for the theater department, and various other projects. With his experience and inventory rapidly growing, Gimbel was able to manage the sound for concerts outside the college and offer recording services to local musicians.

After working with a diverse collection of studios & venues, he completed the certificate program at Chabot College in 2012 and found himself engineering recording sessions at East Bay Recorders (EBR) in Berkeley with renowned producer, Michael Rosen.

EBR has since been Gimbel’s primary studio for his recording purposes.

Currently, Gimbel continues to work with many longtime clients, including Chabot & EBR. Though his days of touring and out-of-town productions are not far behind, most of his work is based in the Bay Area. His work in local music has found its way into community events with nonprofits. He also started working with IATSE Stagehands Local 16, the union that services the San Francisco Bay Area.

Gimbel Sound was officially registered as a business in 2017 as an extension of his love for audio, music & the arts. Using his expertise and an expansive collection of gear, Gimbel runs his business now with a small group of trusted professionals.